Stop being a coward, take your freedom now!

“If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.” Sun Tsu

I am absolutely amazed that so many people actually believe that self defense cannot extend to badged bullies and uniformed yes men. There is an inherent responsibility to those who claim to support liberty or freedom to understand self ownership and by default self defense. I find that those who are quick to place badges and uniforms on pedestals and by default avoid even discussion that they may actually be the aggressor against an individuals freedom or liberty, often are not even clear on what freedom actually is. These individuals are cowards, they are useless as individuals and really should say what they actually want.unnamed

Freedom is the ability to act without external coercion, liberty is the ability to act freely. I believe quite strongly in the Non Aggression Principle, however, I define it in the following way. Do not be an aggressor against anyone or anyones property, if someone acts with aggression against you or your property, defend yourself or your property. I also believe quite strongly in the idea of self ownership, meaning my life and my decisions are mine alone and I should be allowed to make those without interference from anyone else. Simple right, I defined what it means to me and will uphold that regardless what others believe.

Self defense is a simple application of my definition of the non aggression principle in my life. Yes, my life, I am an individual, I am not an organization, I am not a slave, I am a self owned individual. I decide my fate and my decisions rule and guide my life. I can take advice from others, or simply ignore their advice. I would suggest to others that we should always be open minded enough to have rational discussions versus simply making arbitrary rulings based on the hurt feelings or fear experienced by a select few. liberty-shirt(1)

So in this respect I have no respect for those who would allow fear to guide their “liberty” versus those who act as they know they should as Chris Cantwell did recently. There should be no place among those who claim to be freedom lovers or liberty promoting individuals for cowards. Just because you have videotaped a few cops in action or attended a few rallies does not a freedom fighter make. A true freedom promoter will not back down regardless the potential repercussions of the beliefs held or statements made. I have made it clear several times that I would not hesitate regardless the status of someone attacking me to defend myself, or my property or those in my direct care. A badge or uniform does not allow anyone to act in a criminal fashion, the result is simple, if a police officer invades my house and threatens my children and my well being I will shoot and kill them. This is self defense, plain and simple. With that being said, Cantwell is correct, in a voluntary society they can accept or reject whomever they desire. My belief is they are cowards, why, because they refuse to address a very real concern.

Those who would refuse discussion of this or discourage it by banning others from their petty little events do not represent freedom, they are cowards. My recent article was seen as extremely inflammatory by many, and it was meant to be. After all, many others take the stance that we should tread lightly, George Donnelly for instance in a recent interview made the statement that Chris Cantwell was sabotaging the movement. The truth is far more important, for all of George’s wonderful contributions he is wrong. The police will always do what they want, they will always do this. To be a coward and not stand up for your freedom and make it known that you will no longer bend over and take it in the ass is wrong.20130221-195828.jpg

In conclusion here is my approach, we cannot continue to bend over regardless the actions of the true terrorists. Unless we make a stand and say no more, they will continue to harm us. There is no grey area here. This is a black and white approach, cowards are in charge of too many “liberty” movements, stop allowing them to guide your actions and take responsibility for your own freedom. If you disagree with me, tell me why! Stop reading what I write and then talking about it in hushed tones and sending me cowardly little threats and stupid rhetorical emails. Take a stand and do what is right. Freedom is only possible if you have the courage to actually support your words with actions.

Free the mind and the body will follow

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