“What’s wrong with kids these days? They have no future. They have no hope. They have been stripped of all opportunity to shape their own destinies, to build a better tomorrow, to live free from indentured servitude. Are young people entitled? You bet they are. They’re entitled to a fighting chance. They’re entitled to a blank slate. They’re entitled to be able to live and die by their own decisions and convictions, not waste their precious short lives as slaves of the older generations. Generations who had their chance, still possessed their liberty, and made their decision to build an empire out of the broken dreams and stolen freedom of those not yet born.
What’s wrong with kids these days? The sins of the father are being visited upon the son. And the son has had enough.” http://thedesertlynx.com/2013/05/10/in-defense-of-the-entitlement-mentality/