“”When it came time for my question, I was direct. I asked him, “the federal government keeps over-stepping their limited enumerated powers by passing unconstitutional legislation that strips of our liberties. If elected Governor, would you support and pass legislation that rendered unconstitutional federal overreach null, void and of no force in the state of Arizona?”

In short, NO. His answer was typical and flawed, claiming that since we fought a civil war, the idea of states having authority over the federal government is a farce. This is the typical answer from a Federal Supremacist that usually has attended law school where they apparently don’t teach U.S. history prior to 1860. First off, the civil war was fought over states trying to secede from the union. The whole idea that slavery was the cause for it is a misconception. Read more here

So, with Mr. Thomas’ rationale, since we fought a civil war, because states were trying to secede from the union, that gives the federal government all ultimate decision making power and the right to pass unconstitutional laws, rules and mandates that are outside their constitutional authority?”