“Here is Rep. Mesnard in his own words:

“So I strongly urge folks at least in my party who looked at the last election in November of 2012 and were disappointed with the outcome and looked at a couple of the third party candidates on there and how they impacted us in a detrimental way and will switch their votes to yes. Because some of the folks voting no will be vulnerable to that very thing. I can’t believe we wouldn’t see the benefit of this and would strongly urge you to look at the long term ramification for both Arizona and the United States and so Mr. Speaker, I vote yes and I urge my colleagues to vote yes.”

Mesnard is not the only candidate expressing the real intentions of the Republican establishment. Rep. Adam Kwasman lobbied hard for HB2305 because he plans to run for Congress in CD1 and he wants to make sure there is no Libertarian competition on the ballot.”