“The video attempts to make a comparison of how likely the chances were for you to get murdered or raped, and then endeavors to compare this to police brutality per contact.

It makes the claim that excessive force by the police is exceedingly rare and attempts to use statistics to provide a claim of legitimacy. The problem is that this is not a legitimate comparison, as they did not compare the murder and rape stats to per human contact; therefore, this makes the comparison of police brutality to other crimes invalid. The reality is that numbers don’t convey any information without units or some other frames of reference. The blurring of the line between the number and the quantity has left us vulnerable to the ways in which statistics can deceive us, and police propagandists are taking every opportunity to do exactly that.”

See article for video here http://thefreethoughtproject.com/viral-video-police-brutality-making-web-read-sharing/