“The officer steps out of his cruiser, AR-15 in both hands, aiming at the woman. The fact the first thing he did with an emotionally disturbed person was point an AR-15 Rifle at them, shows the lack of regard for human life this officer has. He was prepared to step out and escalate the situation as soon as he arrived. Instantly yelling at the woman to put the knife down. After disobeying orders, they command again, she refuses. At which point, from the time the cop got out of the cruiser ’til they start shooting, was 11 seconds. Let me repeat that… they gave this pregnant woman wielding only a fillet knife and standing a good distance away, 11 seconds to obey commands before opening fire on her.

What adds insult to this, is the handcuffing of an obviously dead body. And the time it took to try and give any sort of medical help…”